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Title of the project

Conservation of the Lan Bern moors and the Magoar-PenVern marsh in Côte d’Armor


The Lan Bern Magoar Regional Nature Reserve, certified ERB area (Remarkable space of Bretagne), includes 2 natural sites (Lan Bern moors and Magoar marshes) and initiated by the Hunters Federation. They have undertaken flora and fauna inventories to enable rehabilitation and environmental protection work to be carried out, as part of a scientific project. An educational trail was being set up for the public. An apple orchard has also been created and bee hives have been placed on the site.


Country France
Level Local
Site The Lan Bern moors and the Magoar-PenVern marsh
Region Brittany

Habitat Types

Grassland/ Wetland/ Suburban

Protection status of the areas

Regional protected area


Species Type Birds/ Mammals/ Generalist predators

Conservation action(s)

Management & Habitats for wildlife


Leading partners Fédération départementale des chasseurs du Finistère/ Fondation pour la protection des habitats (FPHFS)/ Réserve Naturelle de Lan Bern Magoar/ L’Association de Mise en Valeur (AMV)