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Title of the project

Game reflectors highway A2


The national road authority placed game reflectors on a transect of highway (A2) to keep wild animals away from the road.


The wild mirrors along the A2 between Urmond and Echt are a great success. The reflectors must ensure that wild animals no longer cross the road and are hit. This has not happened since the start of the test last summer.Rijkswaterstaat will officially evaluate the test with the game mirrors in May, but has already indicated that the project has been successful. So the mirrors remain.


Country Netherlands
Level Local
Specific site coordinates 51,0132391635587 5,80195504657143
Province(s) Limburg

Starting date


Habitat Types

Suburban, High way

Protection status of the areas

No protection status


Species Caracteristics Protected species
Species Type Mammals (other than large carnivores)
Name(s) of main species Roe deer Cervus capreolus

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities)


Leading partners Local hunter
Other partners Public authorities