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Title of the project

Project Fjällgås


The project aims to decrease the threats to the wild population of Lesser White-fronted Geese breeding in Sweden which include breeding in captivity to produce birds to further reinforce the wild flock and thereby strengthening the wild population.
As migration route seems to be one of the most important reasons of the decline, they have changed the flyways by using Barnacle Geese as foster parents that use a western flyway.

Further operations include measures to improve geese habitats and to reduce disturbance at sites which are used by Lesser White-fronted Geese. In addition, monitoring of the population and information activities are carried out.
In 2005, new breeding population have been created based on young birds caught in Russia. The double purpose and long-term goal for this activity is to reduce possible genetic problems and to further strengthen the population with new individuals.

The project is, since 2010, highly integrated in the national action plan for the Lesser White fronted Goose in Sweden. Many of the conservation actions is supported financially by the authorities in Sweden but most of the work is carried out by volunteers.


Until 1999 a total number of 348 Lesser White-fronted Geese were released in the Swedish Lapland. The release and the use of a western flyway in combination worked out as planned and today (2012) the Swedish Lesser White-fronted Goose population is the only one in the world which is not decreasing. The population size in 2011 amounted to at least 15 breeding pairs and during the migration and in the wintering period up to 120 individuals can be seen.


Country Sweden
Level National

Starting date


Habitat Types



Species Caracteristics Migratory species, Threatened species
Species Type Birds
Name(s) of main species Lesser white-fronted goose (Anser erythropus)

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Research and data collection (e.g. monitoring, bag data)


Leading partners The work of the project rests on a foundation created by the Swedish Association for Hunting and Nordic Ark
Other partners Swedish Association for Hunting Nordic Ark