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July-August 2018

Italian hunters commitment in wetland creation

In Center Italy, Tuscany Region, many hunters create artificial ponds for hunting purposes, and they are maintained all year long, both for water regimes and vegetation management.

The pond called “Pantanelle” in Prato Municipality, not far from Firenze, is one of the most interesting of these habitat creation, and this June a nice surprise came out, as, between many breeding pairs of common species, a couple of Ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca) was seen in the area with 13 ducklings.

The species is a breeder in Italy, with a total estimate of just 62-89 pairs, so a new breeding is obviously a good results for biodiversity and birds conservation.

The pond is a 10 hectares area, a half is hunted and other half not, but the whole area is managed by a group of 10 hunters, coordinated by Mr. Alfio Cardini, and they all follow the management of area for waterbirds and passerines.

Other breeding species recorded are Mallard, Black winged Stilt, coot, Moorhen, Water rail, White Stork, Little bittern, Great crested grebe, Little grebe and many of reed passerines.

Such great example demonstrate that waterbird hunting interest is a real tool for increasing biodiversity and bird species in Italy, in a very human developed area.

Contact and Sources: Michele Sorrenti – Scientific Responsible Migratory Birds Office Federazione Italiana della Caccia (FACE Italy)




Pictures: Giordano Tognarelli