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Since 2013, FACE has been gathering evidence to evaluate the progress made by Europe’s hunters under the Biodiversity Manifesto. Each year, this evidence is outlined in a Report.

The 4th Report of the Biodiversity Manifesto focuses on the contribution of hunters to the monitoring of biodiversity. The decision was due to the fact that European Union (EU) Member States are required to submit their reports under the nature directives on the status of species and habitats of EU interest by mid-2019. More specifically, EU Member states are obliged to report on the status of all wild occurring birds as well as other species and habitats, under the Birds and Habitats Directives.

The 3rd Report of the Biodiversity Manifesto (FR, DE) shows hunters’ contribution to farmland biodiversity conservation. The report is based on 300 projects out of which 45% are occurring on farmland and aiming to conserve mainly 3 species: the Grey Partridge, the European Hare and the Red Grouse. FACE advocates for a new CAP that cares both of farmers and biodiversity.

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In 2017, FACE published its second Report on the Biodiversity Manifesto, which covers 221 projects and focuses on hunters’ contribution to the implementation of the EU Nature Directives. The focus on the Nature Directives is because 2016 was a year dominated with discussions about the Fitness Check of EU nature legislation.

In 2016, FACE published the first Report on the Biodiversity Manifesto that states on 181 projects and focuses on actions that contribute directly towards the targets set in EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020. The fit is exceedingly good with 23 of the 34 actions in the FACE Biodiversity Manifesto directly contributing to the Strategy.

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