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What is the Biodiversity Manifesto?

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Hunting is a highly popular form of nature recreation, an activity enjoyed by 7 million people in Europe. It is one of the oldest forms of consumptive use of renewable natural resources and provides significant social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits in different regions of Europe.

The Biodiversity Manifesto demonstrates the commitment of Europe’s hunters to biodiversity conservation through 34 action points  divided in eight specific sections.

Why a Biodiversity Manifesto?

The eight sections:

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Since 2013, FACE has been gathering evidence to evaluate the progress made by Europe’s hunters under the Biodiversity Manifesto. Each year, this evidence is outlined in a Report.

In 2017, FACE published its second Report on the Biodiversity Manifesto, which covers 221 projects and focuses on hunters’ contribution to the implementation of the EU Nature Directives. The focus on the Nature Directives is because 2016 was a year dominated with discussions about the Fitness Check of EU nature legislation.