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Title of the project

Involvement of Ardennes hunters in the national study on leptospirosis


Launched in 2013 by the ”Entente de Lutte Interdépartementale contre les Zoonoses (ELIZ”) and ”VétoAgroSup Lyon”, this national study on Leptospirosis aims to define mammals carrying different strains of the disease.

The study is conducted on 30 departments and 28 mammals based on the analysis of kidneys collected during hunting by the Hunters’ Federations.


The Fédération des Chasseurs des Ardennes and the hunters of the department were heavily involved in this study by collecting 173 kidneys of 16 different species, submitted to the LDA55. This participation is considered to be one of the largest in terms of sample size, species diversity and area covered.


Country France
Level Regional
Region Grand-Est

Starting date


Habitat Types



Species Caracteristics Birds, Mammals (other than large carnivores)
Species Type Huntable species

Conservation action(s)

Research and data collection (e.g. monitoring, bag data)


Leading partners Fédération départementale des chasseurs des Ardennes, L’Entente de Lutte Interdépartementale contre les Zoonoses, VétoAgroSup Lyon