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Title of the project

Programme of Wildlife Habitat Improvement


The main aim of the implementation of the project Wildlife Habitat Improvement is to upgrade wildlife habitats in order to sustain richer biodiversity assemblages and game species populations, both endemic and migratory.

More specific, the main objectives of the project are:
• Ensuring the basic living conditions of natural game species populations and their further development.
• Identifying restriction factors that hinder the development of a living and game species population in a habitat.
• Ensuring the basic conditions that must be met by habitats so that restocking can be made or reintroduction of game where necessary.
• Introduction of pheasant in suitable habitats throughout the country in order to develop robust populations and reduce the hunting pressure on other game species.
• Collaboration between hunters and others interested in the conservation and management of biodiversity.

The main actions which take place during the implementation of the project are the following:
Sowing, Installing natural hedges, Planting fruit trees, Reforestation, Installation of drinking troughs, Cultivation of resources, Raising and freeing endemic game

Volunteer hunters participate in the implementation of the project, and during all the process guidance and supervision of the work is undertaken by habitat specialists, the scientific collaborators of Hunting Organizations in Greece.


Habitat improvementHalting the loss of biodiversityIncrease of game species populations


Country Greece
Level National

Starting date

The Habitat Improvement Program is continuously realised from 2005 until present day (2013).

Habitat Types

Farmland, Forest/Woodland, Scrub/Grassland, Wetland, Coastal, Island, Mountains, Suburban


Species Caracteristics Huntable species, Migratory species, Abundant species
Species Type Birds, Mammals (other tha large carnivores)

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Research and data collection (e.g. monitoring, bag data)


Leading partners 2013
Other partners • Hunting Federation of Crete & Dodecanese (www.akokd.gr), • Hunting Federation of Archipelago (www.bkoa.gr), • Hunting Federation of Peloponnese (www.gkop.gr),• Hunting Federation of Sterea Hellas (www.dkose.gr), • Hunting Federation Epirus (www.ekoepirus.gr), • Hunting Federation of Macedonia and Thrace (www.hunters.gr)• Hunting Federation of Thessaly (www.komthes.gr).

Estimation of the budget (total or annual)

Habitat Improvement Program is funded annually exclusively from Greek Hunters, and the annual cost is estimated at 800,000 €.It has to be emphasized that no other funds are used except hunters’ money, and there is absolutely no participation by the State.

Estimation of Human Resources needed

350 Gamekeepers along with the help of local farmers and local Hunting Clubs' members