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Title of the project

Voluntary management of wildlife in farmland – organised in local communities.


Landowners (who are often hunters) create some local voluntary communities to restore natural habitats in farmland and collect data on the habitat development as well as population data on grey partridge and hare.


Country Denmark
Level Local
Site There are approximately 60 areas (1000-1500 acres) involved in the project. The areas are spread all over the country.
Region All regions in DK

Starting date


Habitat Types


Protection status of the areas

No protection status


Species Caracteristics Huntable species
Species Type Birds, Mammals
Name(s) of main species Grey partridge (Perdix perdix), Hare (Lepus)

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Research and data collection (e.g. monitoring, bag data), Policy work (e.g. positioning of hunting organisations, demonstrating conservation actions)


Leading partners Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (www.dn.dk),Friluftsrådet (www.friluftsraadet.dk),Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (www.dof.dk),The Danish Nature Agency (www.naturstyrelsen.dk),Danmarks Jægerforbund (www.jaegerforbundet.dk)Danmarks Biblioteksforening (www.db.dk),Landbrug & Fødevarer (www.lf.dk)
Other partners The bee association

Estimation of the budget (total or annual)

2013: DKR 2.100.0002014-2016: DKR 22.500.0002017: DKR/ year 6.750.000