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May 2018

Black-tailed Godwit national management plan, France

The Black-tailed Godwit needs wet hay and/or extensive grazing meadows to breed or to rest during the migratory period. The species’ decline in France and elsewhere in Western Europe is attributed to the loss of its breeding and migratory habitats due to intensification of agriculture practices (drainage, fertilisation, early mowing, etc).

This conservation issue led the Ecology ministry to task ONCFS (National Office for Hunting and Wildlife) to develop, with a group of scientific experts, a Black-tailed Godwit national management plan. This plan is implemented by the Vendée Hunting Federation for a 6-year period from 2015.

During the first year of the Plan, action-fiches were developed by another group composed by specialists and institutional representatives to detail precise objectives and means to be used to implement the plan. The plan was promoted towards main land managers and natural sites actors to locally start concreate conservation actions from 2016.

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