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Title of the project

Grey partridge and European hare management plan


The Fédération des Chasseurs de Seine-Maritime developed a system of management plans to maintain wild populations of grey partridges and brown hares sustainably and to ensure hunting will not jeopardize maintaining of grey partridge and brown hare populations. These management plans are integrated into the local hunting management plans. There is ongoing population monitoring to see the effects of developed management plans.  


Country France
Level Local
Region Normandy

Starting date


Habitat Types



Species Caracteristics Birds, Mammals (other than large carnivores)
Species Type Huntable species
Name(s) of main species Grey partridge (Perdix perdix), European hare (Lepus europaeus)

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Enforcement (e.g. improved implementation of hunting legislation, codes of conduct)


Leading partners Fédération départementale des chasseurs de Seine-Maritime