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Title of the project

La nature en MARCHES


To put the massifs of Belledone, Chartreuse and Bauges in connection, to maintain the urbanisation and to reconstitute a corridor.
By bying some field, recreating a hedge network and organising animations on the site.
Hunters a re fully involved.


Public awareness,Partnership established which confirm or affirm the the Hunter Federation status of association of nature protection


Country France
Level Local
Site Marches
Municipalities involved Marches, Challes-les-eaux, Saint-jeoire-prieuré
Province(s) Savoie
Region Rhône-Alpes

Starting date


Habitat Types

Farmland, Forest/Woodland, Scrub/Grassland, Wetland, Mountains

Protection status of the areas

Natura 2000, Areas with voluntary or mandatory hunting ban , Hunting reserve


Species Caracteristics Huntable species, Abundant species
Species Type Birds
Name(s) of main species Ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Research and data collection (e.g. monitoring, bag data), Communication and education (for different target audiences e.g. hunters, the wider public), Land purchase (e.g. purchase areas for management and restorations activities)


Leading partners Acca les MarchesConservatoire du patrimoine naturel de SavoieFRAPNAChambéry métropole
Other partners Agence de l'eau Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse: www.eaurmc.fr/Fondation pour la Protection des Habitats de la Faune Sauvage: www.fondationdeschasseurs.com/RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité): rte-france.fr/fr/

Estimation of the budget (total or annual)

92.507€ in total budget

Estimation of Human Resources needed

12 to 15 people