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Title of the project

Riistaa reunoilta – Development of the affected /degraded forest and wetland zones


Development of the affected/degraded forest and wetland zones (fringe areas – edge of the forest) in order to improve habitats for game species. The material/information collected during the project is used to produce a guidance for the restoration of degraded habitats.

The project also aims to increase hunters’ eagerness for conservation and management of nature, and at the same time to get forest owners and forestry organisations to be voluntary willing to better manage these affected areas.


Country Finland
Level National

Starting date


Habitat Types

Farmland, Forest/Woodland


Species Caracteristics Huntable species

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Communication and education (for different target audiences e.g. hunters, the wider public)


Leading partners Finnish wildlife agency/Suomen riistakeskus
Other partners Individual huntersCollaboration network program between Riistaa reunoilta program and METSO program has nationally a broad and enthusiastic collaboration network, in which part are taking, Forestry development Center Tapio, Metsähallitus, Finnish Forestry Center (two regional departments), Forest Owners association in West Finland, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC), MetsäGroup, a group of landowners interested in the program for example the cities of Kokkola and Lahti.