See how Hunters have achieved their goals to conserve biodiversity in Europe


Since 2013, the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) has been gathering evidence to evaluate the progress made by Europe’s hunters under the Biodiversity Manifesto.

Each year, this evidence is outlined in a Report .


9th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

This report highlights the key role of European hunters in habitat restoration, aligning with the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030. It details 528 conservation projects initiated since 2010, emphasising the hunting community's significant contributions to preserving diverse ecosystems. These efforts demonstrate a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and support the EU's ambitious goals for biodiversity conservation and sustainable habitat management. Download PDF


8th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

This report is based on 498 conservation initiatives by hunters. It also highlights some of the best projects of 2022. In June 2022, the European Commission published the proposal for a Nature Restoration Law, the first-ever piece of legislation that explicitly targets the restoration of Europe’s nature. In light of the new proposal, this report focuses on hunters ́ contributions to nature restoration. Download PDF


7th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 calls for more community-based actions led by citizens and social partners to protect and restore Europe’s nature. BDM projects demonstrate yet again the essential role of hunters in implementing the Strategy throughout Europe in the next 10 years as it is an excellent example of how hunters are contributing to delivering the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. Download PDF


6th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

Hunters actively conserve biodiversity via species and habitat management, research and monitoring as well as communication and awareness raising. Hunters’ actions already contribute to achieving the actions set out in the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. Download PDF - DE


5th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

Hunters have achieved their goals to conserve biodiversity and are ahead in implementing the EU biodiversity strategy. Despite the hunters’ successes, the EU has failed to reach its 2020 target to halt biodiversity loss. Download PDF - DE - FR


4th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

This Report focuses on the contribution of hunters to the monitoring of biodiversity.
Download PDF


3th Biodiversity Manifesto Report

This report is based on 300 projects out of which 45% are occurring on farmland and aiming to conserve mainly 3 species: the Grey Partridge, the European Hare and the Red Grouse. Download PDF - DE - FR


2nd Biodiversity Manifesto Report

The focus of this report is on hunters’ contribution to the implementation of the EU Nature Directives. 2016 was a year dominated with discussions about the Fitness Check of EU nature legislation. Download PDF - DE - FR


1st Biodiversity Manifesto Report

In 2016, FACE published the first Report on the Biodiversity Manifesto that states on 181 projects and focuses on actions that contribute directly towards the targets set in EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020. Download PDF - DE - FR


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