Arnika project

May 3, 2017
May 3, 2017 FACE

This 8-year project lays on the whole hunting territory of the Pardiel Hunting Society (approx. 1000 ha).

This project is divided in 3 subprojects “Fruit trees”, “Strips” and “Eco meadows”. In each subproject, 11 professional hunters deal with the habitats management of the area. In the “Fruit trees” subproject, about twenty fruit trees, mostly of the sorb tree (Sorbus domestica) which is not common in the region, have been planted.

They are expertly trimmed every year and protected from grazing livestock. The “Strips” subproject is about improving hoofed game management by mowing and clearing selected forest areas, encourage the emergence of shrubs and at the same time create the conditions for safe hunting. The subproject “Eco meadows” includes the annual mowing of unused mountain meadows to protect against bush encroachment. Beneficiaries are rare plant species such as orchid species and grasses. A new subproject has started on the site to maintain a moor area. In particular, through logging and protective measures, the emergence of native plants, such as the morass, is promoted. Amphibians and reptiles are also benefiting of these upgrades.

All subprojects are systematically processed every year. This enable the efficient use of available resources (manpower financial resources) and to ensure a sustainable evolution. Each year,  the Pardiel Hunting Society spend 4000? for the project and the 11 professional hunters are supported by volunteers (mainly hunters and their families).

The work is distributed on the whole year so that a minimum of disturbance is caused on wildlife and so that it is coordinated with the forestry work.

Country: Switzerland
St. Gallen
Starting date:
Species characteristics: Threatened species
Type of actions: Management of habitats and wildlife
Leading partners: Hunting party Pardiel (Bad Ragaz, SG)

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