Malý Adept Myslivosti

January 16, 2019
January 16, 2019 FACE

In September 2018, Ji?í Kasina and Stanislav Oádal started a long-term project on after-school activities with a primary focus on game-keeping, hunting, nature conservation, hunting dog training etc.

The name of the project is “Malý Adept Myslivosti” (Small Adept of Hunting). Over 2,934 children from all over the Czech Republic are involved in the project.

In each issue of the magazine Myslivosti, there is a special brochure with different tasks and games for children focused on hunting, wildlife, nature conservation etc. A special website dedicated to the project was created (

The goal is to address children and to introduce them to nature and hunting in a playful and generally loose form. Hunters are very active, and they are the ones mostly responsible for the after-school groups. Children will be involved in this project for 3 years by solving various tasks from 7 different subjects (Hunting Zoology, Game keeping, Hunting Cynology, Botany and Dendrology, Ecology and Nature Conservation and Firearms and Ammunition).

Learning programmes are prepared for each subject and tasks are made in playful way. It can be quizzes, learning tracks of animals by creating a Hiker’s diary etc. The goal for the future is to receive an accreditation from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports as an official educational program for children. If you want to know more about this project, do not hesitate to contact Daniel Svrcula via

Country: Czech Republic
Starting date: 2018
Type of actions: Communication
Other partners: Other hunting associations

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