Flemmish Partridge Project (Vlaams Patrijzenproject)

July 15, 2019
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July 15, 2019 FACE

The Flemmish Partridge project is about working for partridges together. In this project, motivated wildlife management units form ‘Partridge groups’. They develop an action plan for partridges and take actions on the terrain: habitat measures, winter feeding, predator control, monitoring, sustainable shooting management.

On the Flemmish level a steering group with representatives of the Partridge groups, land owners, farmers unions, Regional Landscapes and Flemmish Land Agency follows up the project. Opportunities and constraints are discussed here. Via policy work, Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen tries to create opportunities for partridges and sustainable Partridge management (e.g. input on environmental schemes and CAP, predator control, …). Some sensibilisation about wildlife friendly farming was done by the project ‘Zot van pAtrijs’.

Country: Belgium
Starting date:
Species: Partridge (Perdix Perdix)
Species characteristics: Huntable species
Type of actions: Management of habitats and wildlife, Research and data collection, Communication, Policy work
Leading partners: Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen

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