From Mountains to Forest to Field: Swiss Hunters Lead the Charge Against Litter

June 27, 2024
June 27, 2024 FACE

As is well known, waste can have fatal consequences for wild animals. Whether it is plastic parts that are swallowed, or wires and glass shards that cause severe injuries and cuts. Did you know that plastic sheets that accidentally end up in a bird’s nest can prevent rainwater from draining, leading to hypothermia and, in the worst case, drowning of the young birds?

What annoys walkers, cyclists, hikers, riders, and especially us hunters equally? Litter in fields and forests – on and beside the paths! Carelessness or deliberate acts? It doesn’t matter, nature and our wild animals suffer as a result.

For a Nature ecosystem Without Litter
The goal of the Swiss Hunters is to free nature from waste and actively contribute to a clean environment together.

The concept is very simple. The Swiss hunters (Jagd Schweiz) have produced waste bags with their slogan “in nature – for nature” and provide these free of charge to cantonal hunting associations, hunting societies, hunting groups, and each individual hunter. This allows hunters to clean the habitat of our wild animals comprehensively and very easily.

Engagement and Ideas are always welcome. Jagd Schweiz have dozens of ways to get active: whether organized, e.g., on a forest day with hunting enthusiasts or during a holiday adventure with students, or individually, when hunting or walking with our hunting dog.


Awareness raising campaigns such as this one aim to tackle the bad habit taking place across Europe of illegal dumping in our countryside. This project, which started in 2004, is a good example of how hunters have long been key players in local wildlife conservation which is well in line with EU’s Biodiversity Strategy.

Furthermore, the EU has strict regulations on waste management and environmental protection. Hunters who engage in rubbish removal help ensure compliance with directives such as the Waste Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive, supporting overall policy goals.

By participating in rubbish removal, hunters support ecological balance, enhance their public image, and contribute to the implementation of EU environmental policies, thereby securing the sustainability of their activities and the health of forest ecosystems.

Small actions, big results:
Jagd Schweiz also encourages its hunters to consider having a regional, cantonal, or national Clean-Up Day with the local hunting community and other forest users. Set a date and publicize the action, they are convinced that many non-hunters would gladly support it. The action can and should also promote exchange between hunters and the non-hunting population – thus, working “in nature – for nature” together.

Jagd Schweiz also go onto remind its readers of Switzerland’s top 10 position in FACE’s Europe-wide survey on the social acceptance of hunting. Switzerland is doing well, but there is still room for improvement. It is unequivocally clear: acceptance strongly correlates with knowledge about hunting. Clean-up actions and thus active environmental protection are a good opportunity to engage with the non-hunting population and represent our commitment and passion. Also, an effect after such an action: one goes home with a good feeling. And perhaps, within this framework, a new perspective on hunting and wildlife can be conveyed to some critics.

Let’s use the campaign as an opportunity for each of us to do a bit of public relations for hunting.

European Hunter-led clean up initiative:

Like in most matters, hunters are the first guardians of the forest and nature. They are intrinsically connected to nature. That is why Switzerland is not alone in their clean up work. Many other FACE members have started their own clean up projects and the results are adding up.

See the other projects we have covered so far:

Further Information:
If you take part, it is, of course, important that you – whether individually or in groups – document the day with pictures and share them with Jagd Schweiz.

Let’s get started! The next steps are as follows:

  1. Order waste bags from us – these are easy to store in the leg pocket or backpack and can be used during the daily patrol – and that’s exactly what drives the campaign.
  2. Organize a Clean-Up Hunting Day in your area, hunting district, or hunting group.
  3. Invite non-hunters and, if possible, the press for such a day.
  4. Spend beautiful hours together in nature and do something good for the environment.
  5. Document everything with exciting pictures, be it as a short film or photo – these often say more than words!

Send Jagd Schweiz pictures of your activities (individually or in groups) and let them know if you are planning a larger event. The collected pictures and videos will be shared on all of their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube).

Do you need additional information? Then contact them directly at:

JagdSchweiz, Ronja Stöckli, Marketing & Communication, Forstackerstrasse 2a, 4800 Zofingen,, Phone 062 751 87 78

Podcast Jägerlatein In Jägerlatein, topics around hunting are discussed, and experts are interviewed. Some podcasts are already online – the latest two episodes cover the use of new technologies and hunting sensitive species.

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