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Title of the project

Nenkovice thalweg – grassing and greening


A grass strip 25 m wide was planted together with native species of trees on nearby arable land, which supports the grassland strip so that it is not ploughed up. Another part of this element is a grassy field road with an avenue of trees

First phase: Preparation of the area for further adjustments
Clearing the area and removing weeds before the beginning of construction.

Second phase: Adjustment of the area, creating the herb layer
After the harvest the area was grassed; heliophobic species were planted between trees and heliophilous species were planted on parts exposed to the sun.

Third phase: Planting
Bare-root seedlings were planted in several lines together with three rows of bushes and tree groups. For every ten trees and tree-like bushes there were 50 bushes. Between the tree lines there are grass strips that enable the mowing machines to move around in the first years after planting. Mulching was used against the weeds.

Fourth phase: Establishment of the stand
Mowing twice a year, watering, protection against browsing, pruning at planting and deadwooding.


Prominent anti-erosion protection - the thalweg will help to reduce water erosion and ensure important prevention against silting of the Nenkovicky brook and retention basin, water retention, improving the local micro-climate, improvement of biodiversity, restoration of landscape features and broadening the ecological network,


Country Czech Republic
Level Local
Site Nenkovice

Starting date


Habitat Types


Protection status of the areas

No protection status


Species Caracteristics Huntable species, Protected species, Threatened species, Abundant species
Species Type Birds, Mammals (other than large carnivores), Generalist predators

Conservation action(s)

Land purchase (e.g. purchase areas for management and restorations activities)


Estimation of the budget (total or annual)

27 192 euros