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Title of the project

Slano Kopovo Special Nature Reserve


to protect protect an important stopping point along the Adriatic Flyway and preserve an area of high biodiversity by restoring the agricultural lands into their originally state: meadows, pastures and reed lands.

With the support of EuroNatur and the Eeconet Action Fund the Novi Becej Hunters Association has been buying the land. The land was then rewetted through construction of a canal that feeds the salt lake. It then announced a hunting ban on the area.

The project was initiated and managed by Novi Becej Hunters Association


By the project end 75,1 ha arable land have been purchased inside the borders of the reserve. The impact of this land purchase is enormous as it makes possible the improvement of the water regime in the core area of 500 ha, consequently restoration of the unique wetland site . A programme for the conversion of the purchased arable land into pastures and meadows has started in close cooperation with the Institute for Nature Protection and the Province of Vojvodina. The recovering of the agricultural lands into their originally state has very positive effects for the preservation of the unique wetlands of Slano Kopovo:The disturbance around the core zone : the salt lake of Slano Kopovo is reduced considerably due to the fact that the bought arable land will be managed as grasslandDrain-off from the former arable land is reduced due to the land use change


Country Serbia
Level Local
Site Slano Kopovo Nature Reserve
Region Vojvodina

Starting date


Habitat Types


Protection status of the areas

National protected area


Species Caracteristics Protected species, Migratory species
Species Type Birds
Name(s) of main species More than 200 species have been recorded in this area and 73 of them breed here including cranes, saker falcons (Falco cherrug) red-footed falcons (Falco vespertinus) and thousands of ducks and geese

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Enforcement (e.g. of hunting legislation, codes of conduct)


Leading partners Novi Becej Hunters Association (http://www.ekolss.com/LU/novi_becej.htm)
Other partners Serbian Nature Conservation Authorities;Vojvodina Nature Conservation Authority.

Estimation of the budget (total or annual)