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Title of the project

Vultures many benefits between nature and culture


achieve tolerance between local stakeholders and vulture populations allowing the growth of vulture populations

populations monitoring;
organisation of meetings between various interest groups to establish common ground and facilitate a dialogue;
organisation of general communication and education activities such as field trips for schools and students;
specifically focussed on farm management such as maintaining open habitats through sheep grazing and setting up feeding posts;
interacted with the hunting community to achieve habitats restoration and management;
specifically focussed on tourism development such as use of vultures as a ‘Made in Lozere’ brand, opening new accomodation facilities for tourists in the area and advertising of the ‘Vulture House Information Centre’ which attracts 30.000 people per year, marketing of local ‘Vulture beer’

the Hunting Departmental Federation of Lozere manages the ‘Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte’ Natura 2000 site, hunters were involved in the land management


The 'Gorges du Tarn de la Jonte et des Causses' Natura 2000 site won the Natura 2000 award in the socio-economic benefits category


Country France
Level Local
Site Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte
Region Southern France

Starting date


Habitat Types

Farmland, Scrub/Grassland 

Protection status of the areas

Natura 2000


Species Caracteristics Protected species, Threatened species
Species Type Birds
Name(s) of main species Gypaetus barbatus - bearded vultureAegypius monachus - Cinereous vultureGyps fulvus - griffon vulture

Conservation action(s)

Management of habitats and wildlife (e.g. conservation and restoration activities), Research and data collection (e.g. monitoring, bag data), Communication and education (for different target audiences e.g. hunters, the wider public)


Leading partners the Hunting Departmental Federation of Lozere (http://www.chasseurdelozere.com/)Syndicat mixte du Grand Site des Gorges du Tarn, de la Jonte et des Causses (http://www.gorges-tarn.com/)